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Almost done with project

The project is on 2.3 it will take about 3 more versions to be completed in the mean time when you go play pokemon online go to shamrock forest and there will be a celebi level 50 it is very strong so you might wanna catch is.You can go to shamrock forest by getting a leter o Professor Rowan and Oak.


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Pokesav and other news

Well I have slipped 2.1 and went to 2.2 so its better.It was fun a lot of people were on Im glad you enjoyed.Also to the people who dont know whats pokesav go to one of my pages called download heres a picture of it.

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New Beta Version

Beta project 2.0 is out it is super fast and funner than the other projects we made.It has more regions and places to go so you might wanna go there.You should also go to our other pages to do fun stuff like watch pokemon episodes or downloads.

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